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B’link Website Enhancements Are Live

June 20, 2024

B’link  recently got an upgrade! B’link is your library for employee flyers and messaging about Premera health plan benefits. Hundreds of visitors access B’link each month to find and download materials. B’link now includes new features to help you navigate the site and find what you’re looking for faster.

Here’s what’s new

  1. Did you end up on the wrong version of B’link by accident? You can now quickly jump between the WA and AK B’link sites with a new navigation link in the header.
  2. A secure employer website sign in button is now included on the page header, allowing you to easily access your secure employer account.
  3. Navigate the site more easily! We improved the main navigation bar by including a new B’link Home button and removing any redundancies in the main navigation drop down.
  4. An enriched promo carousel on the homepage now includes a preview bar, so you can easily navigate between promo messages.
  5. The search bar is now smart! Helping you find what you’re looking for by immediately serving up related content as soon as you type.
  6. Find exactly what you’re looking for! The search result page now includes filters that allow you to filter by content type (flyer/email/content 3 ways/video/etc.).

Get flyers, messaging, emails, and more on B’link. Content is designed and created for you to share with your employees. Help them better understand and get the most out of their Premera health plan.